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What do Insider IT pros think of the rate checker concept?

Question asked by erc on Jan 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2013 by californian

As I read about, watch CNBC shows about the sophisticated Marriott pricing algorithms (and they are), and bang my head against the wall swimming through the Marriott pricing matrix at (seeing two different AAA rates, seeing member exclusive rates higher than the standard, seeing package rates that many times just add the two components together at little or no savings etc etc) I fully understood why Marriott didn't make the securing of the best price easier (they don't want you to find it) - but I always wondered why there wasn't some sort of app that did. An IT friend said it could be done, but might be difficult to effectively monetize - but over on our sister forum Flyertalk-Marriott it appears someone is attempting to craft one. MRCChecker


I would be curious what our Insiders IT pros alrenaissance jkernitzki  and other knowledgeable players think about not only this link but the concept in general. As I proved yesterday in my sloppy steppingstones post (thanks pluto77 for cleaning it up) about his new book Anadyr, End of the Cuban Revolution; I'm one step below the Amish in understanding this technology stuff, so I'll just be a lurker on this topic (other than to add my occasional comment about the Marriott pricing grid). Thanks for your thoughts.