CY Washington DC Convention Center

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This place is a bit of an odd bird for a CY. While they have the expected Bistro and faux Starbucks, there's 24-hour coffee in the lobby (still), and a CL with complimentary breakfast and evening noshes here on the 10th floor. Yes, you read that right, a Courtyard with a concierge lounge. I was planning to stay at the Ren nearby as it's about a 45-second walk from my corporate HQ where I'm working from this week, but they were booked solid so I ended up here. Only about a ten-minute walk, and I got a suite out of it, too.


Lobby staff seem fairly attentive and pleasant; I checked to see if there is a contracted rate with my company (we have that with a number of properties in the neighborhood with folks coming in for visits from all over the globe) but while they had none, they're hooking me up with the Marketing Director. Nice.


Room's a little plain, but clean, quiet, & roomy. As I'm on the inside of a "U", my only view is to rooms directly across from me. Not a big deal, really, but it might've been nice to be able to see more than a sliver of F Street and the souvenir shop across the street.


I'll update this thread as I discover anything else to particularly make the property stand out one way or another.  Until then, have a pic. As you can see, It's nice enough, but not striking (get a suite at the CY Seattle Downtown/Pioneer Square and you'll know what I mean):