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Well, if you like the more boutique/unique aspects of the Autograph Collection(*), you might want to check out the Downtown Houston ICON.

  • Nice, large room (I enjoyed a deluxe king, or something like that);
    • Comfy bed, attractive beddings, functional work surface/desk, very high ceilings, great windows comfortable lounging chairs, etc.;
    • Spacious, splendid bathroom - large, comfortable shower plus a full-sized whirlpool (which I never tried), with a pass-through sliding shutter separating it from the main room - wonderful toiletries (from the in hotel spa, which I did not try);
  • Interesting lobby with the signature bank vault behind the check-in counter;
  • Smallish, quirky elevators;
  • Free coupon from Monday morning breakfast buffet, but (alas) no concierge lounge;
  • Attractive, interesting restaurant - the Line & Lariat - I hosted a couple folks for dinner and dessert - the restaurant was quiet, but the food and service were quite good - everyone enjoyed it;
  • Very convenient for downtown stuff
    • easy walk to Minute Maid Park (the baseball stadium);
    • easy access to the Main Street trolley service;
    • easy walk to most of the downtown office buildings;
  • Obviously, it's a bit of a destination hotel - there was a wedding going on when I was there;
  • A little bit quiet and/or ghost-town-ish part of town, particularly at night - a couple blocks away from the taller buildings, and almost nothing open nearby on the weekend - just a few blocks from the courts (and the many, unique bail bonds businesses).
    • * As a general rule, I've been impressed with the Autographs I've tried - even if it's a limited sample of three - we've enjoyed the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas (and there is extensive discussion of that property on this site), and I also enjoyed the Brown Palace in Denver.
  • I posted some photos from Herman Park - which has been dramatically improved since I was last in Houston - and some other downtown stuff at Houston's Herman Park, and...
  • Two other Houston tidbits:
    • For early and late flights out of Houston's Intercontinental airport - which is way out of town, in contrast to the more convenient Hobby Airport - I'm a big fan of the airport Marriott, which has a (very convenient) underground tram direct from the hotel into the terminal.
    • As an experiment, I took the Houston METRO bus from the airport to downtown;
      • right outside of the baggage claim area;
      • $1.25 versus $55 for a taxi or $25+ for Super Shuttle (and no tip);
      • slow (basically an hour), but scenic drive; and
      • dropped me within two blocks of the hotel.