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Why is Marriott creating a bogus Dream Tracker, which is irritating at best?

Question asked by eb5147 on Jan 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2013 by eb5147

I had never noticed anything in our "dream tracker" because I'd never looked.  Why would I want to share one dream tracker when we have too many to post in just one account anyway?  Now a "dream" is appearing for a night in Zurich, Switzerland.  There is a delete option, but when I try to delete, it says that we haven't added anything to delete, which is true.  So why would Marriott add it for us?  If I was "dreaming" of going to Switzerland, it wouldn't be for one night and it would include at least a month of staying in other places in Europe.  After all, why stay for one night when it's too expensive to get there anyway.  And Australia, New Zealand, HI and AK, Bali, the Caribbean would come well before Europe as fantastic as it would be to visit.


I just resent someone's trying to plan our dreams for us!!!!!!!!  It really angers me at whoever did this and I wonder at the reason.