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Earning points on a stay paid for by a business?

Question asked by ctsindy on Jan 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2013 by alrenaissance

We are PE members and are heading to St. Kitts soon for a business reward trip.  We contribute toward the cost of the trip, along with other vendors, but the hotel is paid through one company.  2 things: I know our incidentals will earn points on the Marriott CC, but can we get credit for the 5 night stay? How should we attempt an upgrade...t arrival or prior to going? Directly thru hotel or thru PE Line? Just FYI, there are around 300 people going.  Upper management will have suites, we will have a dinner event, etc. there, so I'm sure a good group rate was had.  Not sure if it was booked all-inclusive, as previous 8 years have been, tho not at Marriotts. Appreciate any advice!