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Is Marriott slipping?

Question asked by sacerdos15 on Jan 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2013 by jkernitzki

From my limited perspective Marriott is not slipping in quality however when I view these comments and discussions from people more traveled than I,and I compare the hotels and the service from yesteryear,I start to wonder.Is Marriott too big to be personal? Case in point,the tripadvisor awards for the 25 best hotelsin the world were revealed this morning and NONE of them were a hotel connected with Marriott.However,6 belonged to Four Seasons! That is Marriott with its large portfolio of hotels  0  and Four Seasons with only itself (as far as I know) 6.There were none 0f the large conglamorates  were represented such as Hilton,Hyatt and te sheratongroup.Maybe Shumacher was right and  small is beautiful,