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When Flying, How do You Spend Your Travel Day?

Question asked by painedplatinum on Jan 17, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2016 by john_thai

I happen to be one of those people that travel on Sunday quite often for a Monday-Friday assignment. Sometimes the assignments are shorter, but the norm is the 4 or 5 day stint. I'll drive to as many locations as possible, but hopping on an airplane has been happening more and more for me. For years, I always took the view of direct flights when possible. Also, I like to arrive at my final destination in daylight.


My "relationship" with Marriott has turned me into a point junkie. I spend a few minutes searching for the biggest return for my buck when making Marriott reservations. If a hotel, 10 miles further, is offering a couple thousand points bonus, I'll book it and drive the extra miles. I've cut back on my favorite Residence Inn stays (5 points) in favor of FFI and SHS (10 points). Now, I earn lots of points, maintain the PP status and feel I've achieved a nice yin and yang for me and the Marriott.


My ability to max out on airline status is not quite there. I fly just enough to scrape the first level (ie Silver w/ USAir, Gold w/ American). In March of 2012, I checked in for my flight to find that I had lost my status with USAir. As Homer Simpson once said, Doh!!! I had lost sight of my status. I took my eye off the ball. That did not feel good. No more hopping on an earlier flight for more first check bag more decent seats on the plane. Well, I was determined to regain that status!


So, here's the question. Have you ever used connecting flights to help you attain status for an airline?  I found myself doing a few PHL to DCA to BOS type of flights to get the extra "leg" in my goal for 30. In the end, I had my status back. It cost me an extra hour or two on a Sunday, but at the time, I felt it was worth it.  Now I fear I'm getting addicted, similar to Marriott points, I'm now looking at an extra leg or two to help me achieve the higher status and perks. Have I gone over the edge? Am I alone out here in the points/miles syndrome?