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Three free days in Europe.  Any ideas?

Question asked by pluto77 on Jan 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2013 by jerrycoin

Arriving in Frankfurt on a Saturday morning, flying out again the following Wednesday morning, so really only three full days, not counting travel days.  Any ideas on where to visit in such a short time span?  There's barely enough time to do anything up "right," but we'd like to gain some exposure to somewhere we haven't been.  Thinking about Ghent or Zurich (both about a 4 hour drive, which is at the outer limit of our driving radius) or possibly just spending some time in the Black Forest.  The weather will be cold and likely snowy and time will be short.  We'll be traveling with "littles."  Casual dining is therefore a must.  Does anyone know if there is parking available at either of the hotels mentioned?  It appears that for this trip and circumstance, driving will be more advantageous and cost effective than training.  Any hotel/dining recommends for the Black Forest?


I've perused a number of very excellent discussions here on Insiders regarding Ghent and Zurich.  Deepest thanks to jerrycoin, newhiltonmembr, profchiara, razorbackfan, sg1974, arkwright and psudad for posting some really great information as well as photos of these two cities.  Very beneficial and I'm greatly appreciative. 


I'm open to further suggestions and/or more info.  Thanks.