Seoul/Thailand Trip in April 2013

Discussion created by jasper100 on Jan 13, 2013
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My Wife and I will be visiting Seoul, Phuket and Bangkok in April 2013. Although we have been to Bangkok a number of times we have never been to Seoul or Phuket. The following is our Itinerary for this trip:


4/10         Orlando - Seoul, Korea (Asiana Air - First Class)

4/11-16     Seoul Korea (Seoul Ritz-Carlton)

4/16         Seoul Korea - Phuket, Thailand (Thai Airlines - Business Class) 

4/16-21      Phuket, Thailand (JW Marriott Phuket) 

4/21         Phuket,Thailand - Bangkok, Thailand (Thai Airlines - Business Class)       

4/21-27     Bangkok, Thailand (JW Marriott Bangkok)

4/27        Bangkok, Thailand - Singapore (Thai Airlines - Business Class)

4/28         Singapore - Orlando (Singapore Airlines - First Class)

I am in the process of booking the Demilitarized Zone including JSA and 3rd Tunnel tour sanctioned by USO. I understand this is a must when visiting Korea!!!


Any other Suggestions for this trip would be appreciated!!!!