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How do you recognize someone for great service?

Question asked by phidelt on Jan 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2013 by laurac

I was in Lincoln this week and stayed at the Cornhusker.  They got their Marriott designation back a month or two ago and this was my first stay in almost a year.  It was great.  The location is the best - you're within walking distance of the state capitol, the Haymarket and lots of restaurants.  I really felt like the staff was going the extra mile to say "Hey, we're a Marriott property and we're going to make sure you have a great stay."


Wednesday was the first day of the legislative session in Nebraska.  I made plans to eat lunch in the hotel restaurant with some business associates at noon.  The restaurant was slammed, there was a 10-15 minute wait and they appeared to be a little understaffed.  Everyone was hustling everywhere.  One person who stood out was an African-American gentleman named Tony or Tommy from Wisconsin who was there to help relaunch the restaurant.  He could see us waiting - he came over and seated us.  He was great, very congenial.  He could see we were in a little bit of hurry and got a server there right away.  The food in the restaurant was very good and Tony's friendship made it special.  I apologize that I didn't catch his last name, but Tommy's service was truly exceptional and worthy of recognition.