How can I find content related to specific tags?

Discussion created by communitymanagers on Jan 11, 2013

Tags are keywords that help the search inside of the community find your content. By attaching tags to all the content you create, you help your peers find this interrelated content of all kinds - discussions, photos, blogs, etc. The community indexes all words within your post, so think of other related words users would search by to find your content

Browse related content using tags:


Tags appear beneath a specific post, photo, or blog. These tags are appear as boxed text because they are also links. Click on any of the tags to see a list of all other content with the same tag.

Search content by tags:


You can also search through content by tags in any space within the community:


1. In any space, click the Content tab, then Filter by tag.



2. You can click on Popular tags, Your tags (tags that you have created) or type into the text field. Click on Browse more tags to see the top 200 tags in that space.




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