A quick update on a few recent online performance issues

Discussion created by communitymanagers on Jan 11, 2013

Greetings Insiders -


We are actively pursuing a few support tickets and appreciate your ongoing patience and assistance as we troubleshoot. We want to help clarify the status of each and consolidate these discussions.




Failure to sign in

Status: Collecting details to open a case

Known issue: After clicking sign in, the page hangs and never loads. Does this only happen when using Google Chrome?

For further inquiries - please reply to Side conversation - click sign in but page hangs.



Session expiration

Status: A case has been created and Marriott is evaluating and prioritizing. Tell us how often you experience this problem in our poll.

Known issue: Upon accessing either or signing into Insiders, you see a "Session Expired" page. It's been reported that this happens when clicking on an email notification, and once you eventually sign in, you have to find your way back to that specific thread or reply.



New Communications Notifications

Status (2/1/13): We spotted the issue on 1/31 and released a fix as of 5:30 on 2/1.

Known issue: The number of new communications does not change once you've read the new messages, new communications would not appear and the activity feed was not updating.



Placement of replies

Status (1/23/13): Placement of replies are appearing as expected for long discussions. As a work around, you can copy the specific text you're replying to, and paste it into your reply, then format it as a quote. This helps gives others specific context for your reply. And as threads venture off topic, let communitymanager know as we can branch off these extra discussions into their own threads.

Known issue: Once a discussion has 100 replies or more, it will no longer allow new threaded (indented) replies.This is actually an intentional setting designed to prevent performance and database issues.


Email notifications

Status (1/14/13): Isolated to AOL-specific email address

Known issue: We've determined that email notifications (for updates within your communications page) are being sent, however they are delayed for some users.

Resolution: Email notification from Insiders activity are being sent as expected, but some service providers (AOL in this case) have delayed some of these messages.


Alternative solutions:

You can always sign into your account to monitor updates directly from your communications page

Or you can send a direct message to communitymanager with a non-AOL email address and we can update your profile.



Sign in difficulty

Status (1/11/13): Back to normal

Known issue: Earlier this week, you may have had difficulty signing into your account and/or your Marriott Rewards Insiders profile (since both leverage the same credentials) due to some increased volume.