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Question asked by turbodave on Jan 13, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by duca900

I have been a Marriott Rewards Member for approximately 20-years. I have bounced between God Elite & Platinum. I own 2-Vacation Club Resorts & use the Signature Visa.

I accumulate a lot of points. My question is this: My Marriott profile & rewards activity states I have 602 nights. Why have I not been awarded the 1.6 Million Points for having

more than the 500 night requirement as a Gold Elite? In another 2-years I will have the 750 nights for 2-Million or an additional 400,000 points for the 750 night requirement.

Has anyone in a situation like this received their points? Is this so new they have not completed the process yet? Any serious comments are welcome.