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No longer a Marriott Hotel?

Question asked by tomd68 on Jan 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2013 by californian

Why would a hotel no longer be affiliated with Marriott?


I tend to travel to Panama City Beach FL for work multiple times a year.  I used to always stay at the Baypoint Marriott Resort there, and always had great experiences- from food, staff, and rooms.  Last year however, they switched from being the Baypoint Marriott to the Wyndham Baypoint Resort.  It was (probably still is), a nice hotel that always seemed busy.  Any idea why it's no longer a Marriott?  I could guess that it might be for several reasons:


1. They lost their franchise?  It was looking a bit worn down, faded and peeling paint, grounds not looking like other Marriott hotels.  Does Marriott rescind brand affiliation?

2. Franchise fees went up and the owner sold/sold out to Wyndham?

3. Franchisee lost their lease and the property owner sold?

4. Wasn't doing as booming of a business as Marriott may demand/need from it's franchisees?


This is the only hotel I've seen in the Marriott stable that changed to a different hotel brand.  Anyone seen this from others?  Any idea why this occurs?

I miss using this hotel as it was close to the Naval Base there (<5mins), close to the beach, luxurious, and I could get a great rate year round.  Now I have to drive 20+mins to stay in a CY or TPS.  Not horrible, but not the same either.