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Marriott Gift Cards/Dining Gift Cards

Question asked by explorgm on Jan 10, 2013
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We'll be using our points for the first time this June. We are heading to Puerto Rico and will be there for 7 days. We are planning on staying for the first two nights at La Concha and the last two nights at the Stellaris. We have two children 6 and 8. Although the Stellaris seems to be more kid friendly from what we have read on this board, we did want to visit the La Concha as well. We'll also stay at the Courtyard Aguadilla for a night when we visit the caves and, hopefully, two nights on Vieques at Hectors . I've visited the rain forest in the past and will take the family there as well as to old San Juan.


My question is whether LaConcha, the Courtyard and/or Stellaris accept the Marriott Gift Cards and Marriott Dining Cards? The Dining cards cost fewer points but are seem to be more limited in use? Has anyone had experience using these at any of these locations? Can they be used for the extra charges that are tacked on to the room such as Parking, 16% Resort fee or Room Service?


I will also probably call each resort to ask but am interested in whether someone knows this information from first hand use? Calling can sometimes lead to bad information and whether it is yay or nay I would like to have the information ahead of time rather than finding out when we get there...


Also, any suggestions for inexpensive yet good local restaurants for breakfast or dinner within walking distance of the hotels?


Thank you in advance for your answers!