WOW: POPULR - New Marriott Points Shopping System?

Discussion created by ssindc on Jan 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2013 by lengeiger

Curious, but has anyone else noticed the (new? improved? broadened?) Marriott points shopping system, under either AwardHQ or Populr ????  Did I miss an announcement about this? [SORRY if I missed this and I'm just behind the times....]  Have these types of incentives always been available?!?!??!?  (You can shop SkyMall too - Marriott Rewards Points | Redeem Marriott Rewards Points , but don't get distracted!!!)


In any event, if you haven't seen the offerings on Populr yet, I must say I'm impressed:

  • There are a host of intriguing, high-end options (e.g., over 500,000 points);
  • Once you get up into the big totals, say 800,000+ points, there are some show-stoppers, including:
    • Classic cars - yes, cars -, from 8-9 million points
    • Fishing boats from 3-5 millions points
    • A custom Harley Davidson or a Brazilian World Cup trip - over 2 million points
    • China and Hong Kong OR South African Safari OR India and Nepal trips - 2 million points
    • Monaco Grand Prix, Kentucky Derby, or Vegas Fight Night packages
    • Masters Golf Tourney, Italian Cooking Trip, Egypt Trip, NCAA Final Four, OR a Daytona 500 NASCAR package - at 1+ million points
    • The impressive Canon 5D Mark III camera with a 24-105 mm lens - 926,000 points (currently retails for around $4,000 and up)
    • Custom gowns, movie premiers, and even walk-on TV roles - from 500,000 to 900,000 points....


Check it out - shop by points here - Session Timeout - (no, I have no idea why that icon says "Session Timeout") start at 500,000 and go up....


Just one more reason that Marriott continues to earn my long-term loyalty.....