JW Marriott Grande Lakes, Citron Hospitality

Discussion created by iamcanadian on Jan 3, 2013
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My husband & I have stayed at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida numerous times over the last 5 years and are continuous awestruck by the overwhelming hospitality of the "Citron" staff. However, most notably, I would like to draw attention to one particular server, Noel, who typically works the breakfast shift.


Noel has been a Marriott employee for over 15 years and each time we visit, he remembers us by name and greets us with a gracious smile, handshake and hug.


As frequent business and leisure travellers, we have experienced exceptional service in many hotels but Noel is a class above the rest. His attentiveness, attention to detail and welcoming personality make the JW Grande Lakes feel like "home" to us and is one of the reasons we continue to choose this resort over all other Marriott choices in the area.


I am always thrilled to hear an employee speak so admirably of the company they represent and Noel is one of those people. In admiration, I have watched him exemplify the same level of welcoming hospitality and professionalism with other customers AND with coworkers. It's admirable to watch someone so graciously enjoy their working life.


Whether Noel is recognized for his "Spirit to Serve" - he is a STAR in our mind and look forward to our next visit where we see his "welcome back" smiling face!