National Cathedral visit

Discussion created by razorbackfan on Jan 3, 2013

We enjoyed a visit to the National Cathedral while in Washington D. C.  According to the Self-Guided Tour brochure, everyone is welcome to the Cathedral, no matter their background, faith, or the reason for the visit.

cathedral and berries.JPG

The Cathedral, built of Indiana limestone, is the sixth largest in the world.  It's architectural style is Gothic.


all pieces.JPG

Unfortunately, the Cathedral was damaged during the August 23, 2011 earthquake.  Pinnacles, such as those pictured above, fell from the top of the Cathedral.  Netting still covers the upper areas inside the Cathedral protecting visitors if any debris falls on the inside.  No one was injured when these heavy pieces of stone fell, nor when the crane which was brought in to move the stones fell on the Herb Cottage.



We took a guided highlights tour before enjoying the organ demonstration.  One of the Cathedral's 3 organists explained the history of the organ, then gave a short recital.  He said he had been studying music since he was a small child.


kneeling pad.JPG

The red needlepoint kneelers of St. John's Chapel recognize noted Americans and their accomplishments.  There is a needlepoint committee whose members create these works of art.


cat and mouse.JPG

The stone carvers had to get special permission to include these whimsical carvings of a cat and mice.  If the cat ever catches the mice, it is said that the Cathedral will fall down.