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Belgium in April - Looking for recommendations

Question asked by psudad on Jan 2, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2013 by aziz

Going to Belgium for a week in April and would love recommendations for restaurants, bars and must see attractions.


Spending 5 nights at the Ghent Marriott and two nights at the Brussels Marriott, with day trips to Brugges and Antwerp.


We like restaurants where the locals eat, with good local, traditional fare - i.e., your favorite steak frite, moules frite, waterzooi, carbonnades flamandes, waffles, chocolate.


Also, I love Belgian beer and have been sampling numerous ones for years and more lately.  Where would you suggest I go?  Who might have Westvlederen 12?


Obviously, we'll be hitting the big churches, castles, main squares/markets, the Sunday flower market in Kouter/Ghent.  What should we not miss?


Thanks, in advance, for your responses.  Belgium is a new destination for both my wife and me, so we are very excited for the adventure.