Platinum Elite 48 HR Room Guarantee #FAIL

Discussion created by wally3433 on Jan 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2013 by floridatravels

I tried to use my Platimum Elite status to book a room for Mid March in Austin Texas, during the SXSW convention (large, music/film convention).  Reservations said that they "are not able to pull up any availability at that hotel, even when entering your Platinum Elite status".  They didn't tell me that this was a blackout date for the hotel I was requesting, just that they couldn't do anything for me.  She was able to tell me that the hotel currently "does have availability under the SXSW room block, but you will have to book that room directly with their website".  I am not an SXSW badge holder, so I cannot do this (badges cost $600 or more).


Has anyone run into this issue and taken it to the next level?  If so, please advise.


If a Platinum Elite member truly cannot "break in" to a hotel, just because there is a convention in town, then what's the use of having such a guarantee?  I mean, in what other instance would you need such a guarantee - because of a wedding at the hotel?  I can understand blackouts for the Superbowl, a G8 summit or the Olympics - but not for a convention?