$200 Credit + 25k Points w/ Amex Platinum

Discussion created by eb5147 on Jan 1, 2013

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Reminder: use your annual $200 credit towards airline fees by 12/31 if you have an Amex Platinum Card. But don't actually incur fees to do this. Rather, go select an airline and then buy $100 gift certificates on that airline's site in two separate transactions. You'll get your $200 credit, as I have annually for American . Repeat this again on 1/1 for 2013's credit and you'll have $400 in free flights! If you don't have a Platinum, you should consider it for its rich benefits if you travel at least moderately. You can get 25,000 membership rewards points when you signup and spend $2,000 within 3 months. The points are worth $500 or more when used well at the many airlines or hotels affiliated with Amex. Another benefit beyond the 25k points and $200 credit is free airport lounge access for American, Delta and US Air. Taken together, these are worth at least $1,000, which justifies the $450 annual fee. Plus, for $175 total, you can add up to 3 people to share your airport lounge access and select other benefits. See my longer review of Amex Platinum benefits. There is a similar 25,000 point offer on the Platinum Business card.