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Ritz Battery Park or Renaissance New York Hotel 57

Question asked by detroitbiztraveler on Dec 29, 2012
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Hello all,


I'm going to New York City for 2 nights, a Friday and Saturday, with my fiance.  It will be our first time visiting NYC.  I'm a Gold member for Marriott Rewards and I'm torn between two hotel options.  They are:


Renaissance New York Hotel 57 - $197/night for a Superior guest room w/a queen; or

Ritz Carlton Battery Park - $275/night for a 1 King neighborhood view w/a $100 resort credit


My main criteria is:

1) What is the likelihood of a room upgrade

2) Concierge Lounge hours, breakfast options, and late night snacks/drinks

3) Location for all the "tourist" activities (I know the Renaissance is better; however, is it sooo much better that it's a better option of a hotel?)

4) Safety at night (we plan on visiting bars and will have to make the travel back to the hotel late at night).

5) Anything else I should be considering???


I know the Ritz is $150 more; however, I'm comparing price as nearly the same given the $100 credit will pay for a meal that I'd have to buy otherwise.  Does anyone have any thoughts?