End of another year

Discussion created by jkernitzki on Dec 28, 2012
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Tonight marks my final Marriott night of 2012, ensconced snugly at the Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa (thanks, jerrycoin!). Not for golf or spa, just another last-night-close-to-the-airport thing. This will complete a 145-night year (plus the odd dozen or so at "other" marques), coupled with the nearly 170 flights and 160 thousand some-odd miles. Please don't ask about rental cars or restaurants, I'm trying to not add any more useless travel statistics than absolutely necessary.


The MRI community is one of those safe harbors in the evening to allow me to gather my wits, share some stories, and know that—for the most part—I've got some friendly faces in which there's a common bond. You guys (the gender-neutral, colloquial "guys", Gem  ) have become part of my extended "road family", much like the TSA and United Airlines.  I know, dubious honor indeed.


Anyway, safe travels to you all, and may the new year bring prosperity, upgrades, and Cat 5 MegaBonuses!






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