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Earning "nights" credits when staying with points but paying upgrades ?

Question asked by jurgenlison on Dec 29, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2012 by kharada46

Hi all...


I realize that one does not earn "nights" credits when you stay in a hotel using a reward (including redeeming points) - but please correct me if I am wrong or there are exceptions to this general rule.


There is one specific situation I am having a question on... More and more Marriott resorts offer you the "opportunity" to pay for a room upgrade (ocean front, junior suite, ...) when reserving a room with Marriott points. My question: when you are paying an upgrade fee per room per night (say $100/night/room), does one earn a "night" credit per night stayed ?


Thank you for your time and responses !


JURGEN, nightt