Platinum Benefits Not Given

Discussion created by jack2000 on Dec 27, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2012 by boldie24

Marriott suffers from a lack of execution. We recently stayed at the Chicago Oak Brook Hills Resort. This was our 3rd stay. As a platinum member I expect that the benefits earned are actually awarded. Was charged for items that are supposed to be included...like wifi service. I even have a note from the manager that they wouldnt charge and yet still did. After contacting customer service we have received no response. Why have cusotmer serive contacts if no one will respond? Also didnt give us credit for the nights stayed. At the bar they were to busy with one person to ask if ew wanted to order anything. We are busy with a guest on level two so you'll have to wait. A cup of coffee takes twenty minutes because we are wiping down the counters... you'll have to wait. We have contacted Marriott twice through its website and have not had any response. Its now become more important to get a response...Maybe we will just start using Hiton as we have priority status with them as well. Maybe time to just use one hotel group exclusively.