Cheapening the brand

Discussion created by oldgeekdude on Dec 21, 2012
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I see where Marriott has lowered the requirement for Lifetime Platinum (I guess Platinum Emeritus was too fancy for Marriott's new "downmarket" image) to only 750 nights.  Somehow, I find this rather disappointing.  With almost 2,500 nights, I earned my lifetime (and Platinum Premier) status the "hard way", and (just like the rollover nights) find Marriott once again cheapening and demeaning the meaning of their elite programs.


Just like Marriott's current policy of replacing their "Marriott Beds" (which built the brand) in their "full service" properties with cheaper, rock-hard, "contract grade" innerspring mattresses (the latest victim of this trend looks to be the San Francisco Airport Marriott, alas), this latest move strikes me as yet another step on Marriott's journey downmarket.


Perhaps this is a natural consequence of Marriott acquiring Gaylord and Ritz Carlton -- Marriott is no longer a "flagship" brand, merely a lower-grade "mid tier" hotel now...


Am I alone in this feeling?  Am I wrong about Marriott cheapening their brand?  I'm really interested in seeing with others here think.