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Just short of Gold--when do Elite Qualifying nights post?

Question asked by sooner_born on Dec 19, 2012
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It looks like I'm going to end up 4 nights shy of Gold this year, so I've been looking at ways to earn the extra nights. (I was deployed to Afghanistan for six months, so I missed about 5 travelling months last year and three this year; other than that, I would have been in easy. I also missed the opportunity for Taste of Gold.)


I was discussing this with a coworker, who mentioned the card. He said that when he signed up for the card he earned 15 elite qualifying nights immediately. Based on that, I'm interested in the card. However, the web site only mentions 15 nights each anniversary. I called the Chase line and was also told by two reps that the nights are only earned each anniversary.


I also e-mailed MR; they referred me to the card as a way to earn nights.


So, are there credit card special offers available that will earn nights up front? If not, I'll think about the card but am on the fence. But if there is a way to earn the nights, whether for 2012 or early 2013 credit, I'm in.


And if not, I'll be looking at hosting an "event" to get the 10 free nights, but other ideas are welcome.


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