Is this new Lifetime content understandable?

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Greetings, All!  You have been so helpful in terms of giving us insight into how to describe the program benefits more clearly, we'd love to get your opinion on the first-ever description of our amended criteria to achieve Lifetime status (below).  Please bear in mind that we have never published the criteria, so it would not be appropriate for us to point out anything around changes.


What do you think?


Copy in Brochure:


Earn Elite lifetime Status


Achieve a status milestone over the course of your membership

and you’ll enjoy Elite status for a lifetime. You’ll still be able to

reach a higher status—but you’ll never go below your Lifetime

  1. level. You’ll have the Elite experience, always.


Lifetime Milestones


• Platinum Elite: 750 nights + 2 million points

• Gold Elite: 500 nights + 1.6 million points

• Silver Elite: 250 nights + 1.2 million points


For more details, visit MarriottRewards.com/Lifetime.