Small Italian Cities: Ravenna

Discussion created by profchiara on Dec 13, 2012
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Hi Kharada,

I'm very, very sick right now (apparently with norovirus, almost endemic in the UK right now), but do a google image search on Ravenna.  Alas, the paste didn't work either because I'm sick and out of it, or because I had to delete the main subject title which might have come back as the paste.


Sick being said, I will never ever stay anywhere in London again but the West India Marriott Quay.  More to come when I have overcome this dire (but apparently short-lived) plague -- they are even telling people not to go to hospitals. But happily at that hour the cab fare was a base of 31GBP.


But this hotel is magnificent. Got in around 7am, amazing people, great room with a bed like when Marriotts first got their great beds and great views. Plus I LIKE this part of London and it is part of my future research and teaching.


More to come -- I am still somewhat sick.