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Holiday Decorations - Concierge Lounges & Hotels

Question asked by tparzinger on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2012 by eb5147

When I recently stayed at the Marriott Dallas City Center property, I visited the redecorated Concierge Lounge (I believe that this was a former Westin property).  The Concierge Lounge is nicely decorated and very large.  The two great attendants thought it might be the largest hotel Concierge Lounge in the USA.  Being Texas, that might be the case.  My only criticism was that there were no holiday decorations!!!!   The two attendants indicated that they would see what they could do later in the week.  Sadly I left Dallas and did not check.  Does anyone care that Concierge Lounges have some holiday spirit???  For that matter, should individual hotel properties reflect any holiday spirit???