ICE! Promotion - give it a try....

Discussion created by ssindc on Dec 10, 2012
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Howdy - I just received the Marriott email: Save on Holiday Magic at Gaylord Hotels promoting the holiday season ICE! event.


We done this a couple of times at the Gaylord here in DC - alas, before it was a Marriott property. It's a fun holiday event, great for kids and families.  Frankly, it's simply not something you see every day.  If you've never experienced high-end Chinese ice carving (although I can't confirm that Gaylord still imports ice carving teams from Northern China, but that's what they used to do), it's hard to grasp the scale and the intricacy of the work.  It's truly extraordinary.


And, if you never been to a Gaylord, well, it's as close as you can get to Vegas (without the gambling and the vice) without, uh, going to Vegas....


* as for the tags, below, it appears Gaylord isn't in the tag options (yet), but there is a Residence Inn directly across the street (and you have to go outside to get to the ICE! event either way), so....


Happy Holidays!