Early Check-in London County Hall

Discussion created by profchiara on Dec 8, 2012
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Hi all,

I just received the following communication regarding my upcoming stay at the Marriott London County Hall. It is lovely, but I don't fully understand it.

"Thank you for the correspondence via Virtual concierge and we look forward to welcoming you.


OnoPlease rest assured that we will provide a nicely appointed room for the duration of your visit and I hope your stay is an enjoyable one.


Whilst the Hotel is fully committed the night prior, we have noted your early arrival request and will endeavour to have accommodation available for you upon your arrival.


However, should no rooms be available it would be our pleasure to store your luggage whilst you relax in the Hotel surroundings.


Alternatively, early check in can be guaranteed by booking the reservation from the night before."


Can anyone tell me what the last line means? Does it mean I should pay for the first night?  Why?  If there is a room available, why should I do so?  Or am I missing something?