Marriott Rewards Cheque offer to end Jan 1, 2012

Discussion created by floridatravels on Dec 7, 2012
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Heads up to all you folks with 135,000 + points- time is running out to get MR cheques. See below note and link to site  to order is



I use these for vacation instead of points as many time my points go further for the room- takes more points for free room  vs using my cheques at the redemption ratio. I can use them for everything including parking, meals, golf, spa; and i can get MR credit for my night stay vs when you use points.  the new MR redemption page- nice layout (Marriott Gift Cards | Marriott Rewards Merchandise) has $1000 gift card for 205,000 points. it is nice they are giving notice that this cheque promo is being eliminate so we still have time to order more. How many times do other companies just eliminate promos without telling you??  they come with 12 month expiration. have a great 2013!!


Marriott Cheques

  Marriott Cheques — Save your cash and use Marriott Cheques instead for golf, dining, and more. They're available in various amounts and currencies and accepted at participating hotels worldwide.

* As of January 1, 2013, $100 and $1,000 Elite-only gift cheque rewards will no longer be available. Gift cheques purchased by December 31, 2012 will be honored until the certificate’s expiration date.