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Ritz Carlton Marriott Rewards Status Recognition

Question asked by boldie24 on Dec 7, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2013 by lizbeth

First off, I know that has been discussed before but a recent trip has put me on a path of not using the RC relationship any longer.


As we all know, RC does not recognize Marriott rewards status for access to club lounges, upgrades, etc.  My wife and I stayed at the Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas (USVI) which BTW, is an excellent property.  We already had an "ocean view" and were told we were upgraded to a better/higher room (1st floor, not sure how that works).  I was also told that was all that was available (last week of November).  Let me tell you, there were plenty of upper floor rooms and suites available as evidenced by no lights/activities for the entire 5 nights we stayed there.  So, while they say we received an upgrade, we obviously did not.  It was also our 30th anniversary so something would have been nice.


Secondly, and most annoying, is being denied Club Access (Concierge Lounge for Marriott chains).  We were offered Club Access for another $150/night PER PERSON.  $300/night, really?  Lack of access has been an issue at every RC we have stayed at in the past


I think I am done with RC.  Yes, you can use MR points for stays but every other loyalty perk that we work so hard for (I stay 150+ nights in Marriott's throughout the year) is worthless.


Is anyone else as frustrated as I am or am I asking too much?


As for the property itself, I think the best on St. Thomas.  Removed from the bustle, spread out, close to Red Hook ferries, decent beach, excellent staff, good access to catamarans/snorkel equipment/kayaks/wind surf boards (all included in resort fee), and excellent view of St. John.