Wentworth by the Sea, A Marriott Hotel and Spa

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The Wentworth is a Category 7 hotel located in New Castle, New Hampshire.  The location is minutes from Portsmouth, N. H. and about an hour north of Boston.  We checked into this hotel for a 2-night stay.  One night was on points and the other was a AAA rate of $197+tax.   The outside of the hotel is stunning and was even more so with all the fall arrangements.  Self-parking was complimentary.


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We were able to check-in a little early without a problem.  When I asked about the concierge lounge, I was told it would not be open on Sunday evening; however, it would be open on Monday morning.  It was also open for cold drinks/water during the week-end.  When we got to our room and opened the door, I was surprised at how small the room was.  You could barely walk around the bed.  When my husband sat at the desk, he had to get up so I could pass.  The only other chair in the room was so uncomfortable that I only sat in it for a few minutes.  The bathroom was long and narrow.  I had been looking forward to staying at this hotel for weeks and was so disappointed in our room.  I decided that this room was not worth the points and over $200, so we decided to go back to the desk and just check-out.  We were told we could not check out because of their cancellation policy; but the desk manager went to the back and came back with an offer of a marina villa.  She suggested we go look at the villa and called a valet to drive us down to the building.  The 2-story villa was located at the marina and included 2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen with a washer and dryer.  Needless to say, we were delighted with the villa.  The view of the marina was pretty and we enjoyed a gorgeous sunset.  A golf course is located on the other side of the bay.

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After a morning spent sight-seeing back up the coast (it had been too foggy to see anything the day before) and an afternoon walking around Portsmouth, we returned to the hotel.  We had a note on the table informing us that the concierge lounge would be closed Monday morning so they were giving us vouchers for breakfast in the restaurant.  The restaurant was almost empty when we went the next morning.  The selection of food was a little more than you find on a typical Marriott breakfast buffet and was very good.  I really enjoyed a warm apple/blueberry dish and commented on how good it was to the chef and she was delighted I had enjoyed it and told me how to prepare it.  The service was fine.

Would I stay there again? Yes, because the hotel had really gone overboard in making our stay right, but I certainly would not expect such treatment during high occupancy times.