Innsbruck, Austria

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An industrial city located about an hours drive from Garmisch, Germany, has some interesting scenery as well.  It really is in a lovely valley surrounded by towering mountains.  In the Winter time you can wake up to this, which makes traveling a challenge, but the locals don't seem to be "Fazed" by large quantities of snow and bad weather.  I actually thought more people were out in the snow, and trying to find a place to park, makes a "Bad situation way worse"!


When you see 5 new inches of snow out your window "As you wake up", you wonder where you will be able to get to today!


Well after "Loading up" on Chocolates for gift for Christmas, on a "Whim", I decided to take the hour long drive back to Innsbruck, Austria.


This historic shop is located in "The old part of town" and is historic!


The drive was spectacular!


What better way to spend a day than Christmas Shopping at The Innsbruck, "Christmas Market"?


Hope you enjoy!