Portland (Maine) Marriott at Sable Oaks

Discussion created by razorbackfan on Dec 5, 2012

We spent 2 nights at this Category 5 hotel located in South Portland, ME, a short drive from the Old Port.  We chose this hotel because the rate was much more reasonable than the hotels closer to the Old Port.  We checked in early without a problem.  We were informed that our rate included breakfast (a  AAA rate that I didn't know included breakfast).  We were also told the hours of the concierge lounge and informed that it would be open on the week-end for beverages, but no food.  Our room was a typical Marriott room, just down the hall from the concierge lounge.  Our room was large enough to contain a full size sofa and coffee table.  We relaxed for a while, even enjoying the colorful trees outside our window.  I also enjoyed watching planes as they descended toward the airport (no noise).  We enjoyed the food in the lounge during the evening.  The lounge was busy, but it always appeared that there was enough seating for everyone.  Before going to the restaurant for breakfast the next morning, we peeked in the lounge and noticed that the breakfast was very comparable to other locations we have enjoyed.  Breakfast in the restaurant was very good.  I was still in my wrist brace and sling at the time and our waitresses were so helpful.  We also enjoyed breakfast in the restaurant the next morning.  When I went downstairs to the lobby to print a map, there was a large tray which had once held several dozen cookies, but I got the last 2.  We enjoyed the cranberry/walnut cookies with milk that I was able to get from the lounge since it was open for beverages.


The weather forecast was not favorable on Friday, so we got an early start and headed out on a lighthouse tour.  It was windy and overcast; however, that really added to the atmosphere of the oceanfront and was probably a usual occurence in the area.  We were able to locate 5 or 6 lighthouses using the written instructions I had as well as the Delorme Atlas and Gazetteer.  We had visited the Delorme store at their home office located in Yarmouth, Maine the day before.  We were also planning on going to the LL Bean store that never closes, but I forgot.  After visiting the lighthouses, we headed toward the Old Port.  I had read about the Standard Bakery and we had planned on having lunch there.  It was easy to find, but when we got there, they did not serve lunch items such as sandwich/soup.  When we asked about a good lunch place, they told us The Crooked Mile (named after a nursery rhyme) was a good choice.  It was only a couple of blocks away, so we headed out to find it.  The restaurant was packed so we knew it must be good. We got in line and within 5 minutes we were giving our order.  I had been in a conversation with a local during this time and she gave me some recommendations.  I chose a chicken salad sandwich with cranberries and walnuts and a bowl of tomato soup (homemade, not out of a can).  The sandwiches come with chips and a canned drink and were reasonably priced.  We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch.  We walked around town after lunch and enjoyed the view of the water, then headed back to Standard Bakery for dessert. It started sprinkling on us as we headed back to the hotel, then poured the rest of the afternoon and evening.


We enjoyed our stay at this Marriott and will stay there again when we return to the area.  We found plenty to do in the area and enjoyed our visit to the Old Port.


Bug lighthouse.JPG

                    Bug Lighthouse

Fort lighthouse.JPG

                                      Portland Head Light

Portland trees.JPG

                                        Colorful trees in front of the hotel.

window decoration.JPG

                        Fall display outside the lobby window.