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Gold to platinum worth while?  Elite night rollover

Question asked by usmcsf on Dec 6, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by jerhenz

Hi All!


I am a new Gold Elite member since mid Nov. I usually travel 20-30 days a year but a little more this year. I will have 60 nights by mid-December and here are my questions.


1. Is it worth it to go from Gold to Platinum? I was on a personal trip last weekend and was treated like a rock star at 2 difference Marriotts. I got a corner suite at one without asking and a loft suite at another after asking. I got upgraded again this Monday to a corner suite for a 2 week stay without asking. Since I am getting upgrades already, is it worth it to get Platinum? I will have to get the 15 nights needed by applying for a Marriott Premier Visa to get me over the hump.


2. Say if I don't get the platinum and have 60 elite nights, how many nights will rollover? Will they take off 50 nights for me to maintain gold and rollover 10 nights?


Thanks for helping with my questions!