No reward points for stays booked by third party web sites

Discussion created by mike_p on Dec 4, 2012
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Anyone had the issue of business travel which you company has a policy which means you have to book your flights and hotel through a corporate third party web site and not getting reward points or elite nights? As I have just had this issue when I have stayed twice in Budapest in June/July totaling about 9 nights in all and I have now found out that I cannot have my reward points or elite nights due to the rewards T&C not allowing them to be credited due to the booking not being made directly. This seems unfair and basically I cannot no longer see a reason to book any of my corporate travel in Marriott hotels as I would not get any points or rewards plus I'm not in a position to change my company's policy.


The remaining points and nights will only come from my personal travel but that is only once or twice a year at the most so I'll need to reconsider this in the future when I can used my reward points up.