Phantom Reservations???

Discussion created by gemprincess on Nov 28, 2012
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Has anyone every made a reservation, and then been called by the property to ask you how you got the reservation when they have been sold out for months?


This just happened to me, and it has not happened before in all my years of staying at Marriott.


I booked a property with my Cat 1-4 certificate.  I wasn't certain I was doing it right so I called Platinum Support.  They confirmed it was correct, and that they could see the reservation in the system.


Also printed off the reservation to have hard copy and sent a copy to my hotmail account I use when traveling.


Less than an hour later I had the property calling and asking me how I managed to get the reservation.  They also told me they called reservations to ask why they booked the reservation.


I informed them that actually I had booked it online in the newly released Rewards & Cash option, using my Cat 1-4 Certificate.


So they canceled my reservation for tonight.  Luckily I was not on the road yet!


I reminded them of my platinum lifetime status, hoping they might find space for me, and they offered me points.  While I like the points, I would much rather have the room, cause now I have to get up early and battle the NYC rush hour traffice to get there by 8am.


After I hung up and called back to confirm they were releasing my Cat 1-4 certificate, without even asking that added more points.


Seems they newly released software may have so problems, so be careful when you use it to book, as it seems to make reservations for non-existent rooms.