Marriott Courtyard, Meridian/Boise West, ID

Discussion created by pluto77 on Nov 25, 2012

Just finished a stay at my all time favorite Courtyard in Boise.  This property appears to be a newer Courtyard.  It is fabulous.  If it had a CL, it would pretty much be a full service Marriott, it's that good.  Our stay included one night on a Cat. 1-4 certificate, and the remaining night on cash.  The cert. night didn't include breakfast, but the second night was a breakfast rate, which came out to only $5/person (for a 2 person reservation, less if there had been 3 or 4 in our room) for a fabulous, full service breakfast.   When we checked in, we were given our breakfast coupons and were told that we could use them on whichever day we preferred.  Then the next day, two more breakfast coupons were delivered under our door!  Also, we were given a free lounge drink coupon.  Our saved preferences were attended to as well, a high floor and extra towels, as well as free wifi.  They had a table top sign on the front desk, welcoming Marriott Rewards members by name.  It felt nice and welcoming to see my name on the welcome sign.


Our room was very nice, with digital climate control and a sitting area with a sofa, and a nice, wide open view of the Boise area, with low lying mountains in the background.  The room included a refrigerator as well as a microwave and coffee maker (this one had a carafe!) and our housekeeper gave us extra regular coffee.  The room and bathroom was spotless, the bed comfortable, and the toiletry offerings included Paul Mitchell products (SHS in Boise also has PM products).  I love that the hair dryer wasn't one of those typical nailed-to-the-wall underpowered hotel hair dryers, but an actual, real, full-powered hair dryer hanging in the closet inside of a bag with a drawstring.  Nice.


The lobby area is really large, with ample sitting areas.  I mean ample.  Many sofas and comfy chairs, a two way fireplace for both sides of the lobby and a tv above the fireplace on each side.  At the end of the large lobby is a bar/lounge area.  The bartender is very friendly and accommodating, even very late (last year we got a very late glass of wine and sat outside in front of one of the very attractive marble and glass table top fire pits and just enjoyed the fireside; this year it was too cold).  The dining room is very large as well, and is a real dining room, with really comfortable upholstered chairs.  There is a really, really good buffet, with eggs scrambled perfectly, bacon cooked perfectly, sausage patties (not links ), and tasty gravy.  Also hot waffles and cereal, fresh fruit and yogurt, and many bread and cold cereal offerings.  There is an omelette chef who will make an omelette anyway you like it, as well as eggs cooked to order.  There is also a menu to order off of.  The breakfast and lobby areas have wall to wall, ceiling to floor glass with sheers and window treatments.


So many things to rave about with this hotel, but by far the very best that this hotel has to offer, is a member of it's wait staff, Gilles (pronounced "Jeel" with a soft G like shhh).  He works every table like a pro, very polite, very friendly, very efficient, there exactly when you need him, and absent when you don't.  Everyone shows up at once?  Non probleme for Gilles, a French born American.  Do you want to chat him up because of his French background?  Gilles will graciously converse for as long as time permits.  I always look forward to seeing Gilles when I visit the Meridian CY.


Which brings me to my last point about this outstanding property.  Part of why the lounge, lobby and dining room of this is so upscale is because the hotel is also equipped with conference rooms and a ballroom.  Indeed it has a lovely inner courtyard with a gorgeous pillar and wrought ironed gazebo, all perfect for a wedding.  Unfortunately, this Courtyard property is slated to be fitted with the Bistro concept in 2014.  BIG MISTAKE!  Marriott, are you listening (I hope?!)  PLEASE do not do this to this very special, very fine property.  You will lose customers.  It saddens me to say that if you do this, you will at least lose this customer from this property.  It is also my understanding that management is fighting this as well.  Please listen to us.  Don't fix something that isn't broke!