Gainesville, FL Courtyard

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En route to the Keys, FL this week, we stopped at the CY, Gainesville, FL.  We were upgraded from a king room, I guess with a small living area with sofa, to a king suite with the biggest living room area we'd seen.  It had a nice bar and storage area along the end wall and a couple of chairs, sofa, and built in desk and TV console area.  The balcony was the largest I'd seen, also, with 4 chairs and a small table just big enough to hold 4 glasses and maybe a plate or 2.

The decor was really nice, too, as usual.


Nice room, but the bath was a bit off-putting with the bumper placed directly in front of the toilet, which would also cause the door to bounce back into your face, so you had to be careful in opening the door.


Also, only 2 sets of towels, washcloths, and facecloths were in the room despite renting it to 3 people.  Granted, we'd just reserved the room a short while before and there was only the desk clerk around, but something could have been done to prepare for a possibility of more than 2 people, it seemed to me.


The GM said he appreciated that comment the next morning, and I told him this was not the only place we'd run into that, but Marriott should have a better way of being prepared, IMHO.  I do know that theft is a big problem, though.