Fairfield Inn and Suites, Boise, ID

Discussion created by pluto77 on Nov 25, 2012

We stayed at this property (near the Boise airport) on a Tuesday night just prior to Thanksgiving.  We hadn't intended to do a hotel stay that night, but we hit the road from California so late, that by the time we were about half way to Idaho (Reno), we decided to just get a room at our destination, instead of disturb our daughter at 2am.  I couldn't get my Marriott mobile app to work, so called Marriott reservations, and they got us the reservation for a whopping $67.15.  Good deal!


The night clerk was friendly and efficient.  Our room was clean and had plenty of space, just what you'd expect for a FFI.  The bathroom was actually quite large, with a combination tub/shower, and had complimentary Pantene hair care products, which was nice (I like Pantene just fine).  The room included a fridge and a coffee maker and the climate control worked good.  There has been some discussion on this forum about noisy a/c units.  Not sure what folks mean by noisy.  I could hear the sound of airflow, but I'm sort of a white noise person anyway, so that never bothers me.  There was no carafe in the coffee maker, so when I went down to breakfast the next morning, I mentioned it to the gal at the front desk, and she informed me that you just put your cup under the brew basket.  Oh.  Duh.  Thanks!  We didn't arrive for breakfast until 30 minutes prior to shut down (as we didn't get horizontal until almost 2am).  Though it was nice for us late sleepers that breakfast was served until 10am, they were out of eggs and sausage when we went down, and didn't plan on serving up a last batch (perhaps they were out?)  Anyway, my husband got the last sausage patty and a biscuit and gravy, and there was actually one Jimmy Dean sandwich left, which we left for other guests (about 3 small families came in after us).  I had a whole wheat bagel and cream cheese, and grabbed one of the marvelous pre-peeled hard boiled eggs in case I got hungry later (we ended up skipping lunch that day, so it was perfect).  Even though they ran out of the hot stuff, I was actually impressed that they even offered the hot stuff (in addition to the Jimmy Dean sandwich), being a FFI.


The "lobby," "business center" and the dining area were really all one space, and fairly small at that, however surprisingly, it worked.  It wasn't overcrowded at all.  The front desk clerk, Joyce was friendly and efficient, as was the manager, Janey.  They had just received a couple of really lovely pieces of furniture (credenza, buffet type stuff, and looked antique), and were discussing where to put it.  One piece sat against the wall to the left of the front desk, and was used for the all day lobby coffee service.  They were discussing where to put the second piece as they sat on the lobby sofa.  While they were sitting there having sort of a "working" break, they were friendly with the guests, and would ask if a guest had everything they needed, while sorting out the piece of furniture.  They made a decision where to put it, and even asked me what I thought.  I was tempted to get involved (hey, we're talking decorating here, one of my favorite past times), but decided that it was a matter of taste and preference, and that two female creative brains were enough without adding another to the mix.  The real star of the show at this property, was the dining service worker, Vicki.  She was efficient and always ensured that everything was fully stocked (except for the eggs and sausage, which wasn't her call) as well as made sure that everyone had everything that they needed.  She did it with warmth and a friendly smile.  What struck me about this property was how welcome and comfortable the staff made me feel.  I really felt like I was family.  Also, on the wall at the front desk, I couldn't believe all of the Spirit to Serve certificates that were on display.  And with repeat stickers!  One can certainly see why.


The last thing to note about this low priced property was that it offered shuttle service to the Boise airport.  Really great for air travelers.  I was very happy with this little gem, and the fine performance of the staff at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Boise, ID.