Florida destinations for family with boys!

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Hello! It has been some time since I have posted...we had a big 2 month getaway, and have been getting back into the swing of things at home. I have alot of a catching up to do! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

WE are thinking of perhaps having an early spring break to Florida this February, but I am  sad  to say that I have never been to Florida! so, I need your help! If we decide to go, it will be with our 3 boys, ages 11-3. Our big boys LOVE to surf(that is what happens when you spend 6weeks in southern CA!), so we must be where there is good surf for surfing and boogey/body boarding. And, as much as I LOVE a full service hotel, with the kids, the Vacation Clubs are what suit us best right now. So, any suggestions?

Hubby and I seem to think about this every year, and end up in Europe(which is fantastic), but a relaxing beach vacation would be great.  Thanks so much for any help.

JerryCoin, aren't you headed to Rome for Christmas?!! I remember last year, you writing about it, and we were actually pretty close to booking something at the Grand Flora, too, but now my wonderful hubby has just had shoulder surgery since our return from CA, and we will be staying put. I was hoping to taking you to a great restaurant clost to the  Grand Fora that we went to 5 years ago.  Maybe next year?!!

Thanks again to all of you who can recommend something great in Florida for the beginning of Feb. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

SOrryabout any typos...too much going on to double check! Lol!