The Statue of Liberty - NYC

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Sometimes I think I choose to sail out of NYC just to enjoy the view of the statue of liberty!  The New York skyline is beautiful from the ship.  Great views of the new Freedom Tower too!  But there is nothing quite like seeing the statue of liberty.  A special treat during fall and winter sailings is the sunset is a beautiful back drop.  I enjoy getting all bundled up in my -50 degree parka and hood that I use for Russia and Alaska in the winter, with a cup of hot chocolate and baileys in hand, and just standing on the deck in the cold and the wind to get a glimpse as we sail by. I am sure my accomodations are much nicer than our ancestors when they sailed by, but I think we are all awed just the same.


When I booked my cruise, I wasn't thinking of this, but when we sailed by, I thought, what a perfect way to start off the Thanksgiving celebration!


Will need to remember this when planning future T-Day Week trips!


If you don't have time for the cruise, there is also a good view from the Financial Center Marriott from many rooms and also the CL!


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