Getting some PPE "love" from the Casa Magna in Cancun?

Discussion created by robertjpetersen on Nov 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2014 by iahflyr

Don't want to start blasting away until *after* I've stayed but my pre-stay at the Casa Magna Cancun isn't starting off so well.  As a multi-year Platinum Premier Elite (178 nights this year!) who carries the Marriott credit card I was kinda, sorta hoping for a little love while making a reservation for a December vacation.  We're taking the 3 and 5 year old for the week but the property won't guarantee me connecting rooms nor does it look like they offer any perks for Platinum members.


As comparisons, last year we stayed in Key West and the property there guaranteed us a 2 bedroom + they offered us free buffet breakfasts.  Year before that in San Juan we were guaranteed a suite with separate sleeping/living rooms + they had a platinum lounge where we could grab a bite most anytime.  And about 6 years ago I stayed at the Cancun JW and was upgraded upon checkin to a huge suite + given free breakfasts.


Am I simply a victim of supply/demand where the Casa Magna Cancun doesn't have to do anything special to make enough money?  Is it worth starting a bigger fuss on MRI, TripA and/or other sites before visiting?  Should I do more than simply talk to Platinum Premier Services about it?

Not asking for the Presidential Suite or even the red carpet treatment.  But I was hoping that 911 lifetime nights (I just checked!) and 10+ years of global loyalty might be worth a *little* something to the property.  If anyone has any ideas on nice ways of making the situation better I'm all ears.  Thanks.