Favorite Italian Cities

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Some time ago, I wrote and asked about favorite European cities.  Well, I have narrowed my Italian choices down considerably, now that I have been everywhere except Torino and the lakes (except via train) and Sicily, which I very much want to visit, but various Sicilians on tripadvisor have suggested it may not be a great idea to travel there alone (despite my age), female, blonde and in need of a rental car since there are few day tours).


Here's my own choice:

1) Venice

2) Rome


Bologna does have charm, and the people are nice.  But it's a little bit of Piacenza, sort of like Florence, a tiny bit Milanese, and a lot Prato.  There are many things to see here, but besides its library (and medical school which goes back to 1088) the main attraction is nearness to Ravenna.  One thing I do like is the bells.  They ring pretty regularly but differently each time, and its pretty cool.  I've spent a lot of time in Tuscany and while the hill towns are lovely, I prefer Umbria.  And Florence, well, I guess you have to have seen Florence only once or fallen in love there.  It is probably my least favorite city in Italy, perhaps because I've been there about 8 times and it feels somehow 'darker' each time -- maybe I'm internalizing medieval Florence. (Though I was wowed the first time I went there in the 90s.)


I do have to say, however, having eaten at three of what are considered Bologna's better restaurants that I think the cuisine here is WAY overrated.  Anyway, I will post on tripadvisor when I get home. The best restaurant I found was Da Nello.

Ciao d'Italia,