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Anyone know where to direct a complaint letter re: a recent stay (and to get a response)?

Question asked by fu-schnickens on Nov 20, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by formerlyloyalmarriottcustomer

After a very unfortunate and underwhelming stay at a Marriott in Texas, the rooms division manager contacted me and asked for some details about my bad stay. I sent him a letter over two months ago, and I haven't received "boo" from the guy in the way of a response. Does anyone know where to send complaints to get, at the very least, confirmation that someone has read my feedback? I hate to *****, but I worked in the hotel industry (Four Seasons and Fairmont) for years, and I'm not used to this level of apathy. In addition, I do know that GM's generally appreciate feedback to show them where they need to focus their attention. Any help is greatly appreciated.