Branson, Mo. "Diverse"!

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It would be best to dedicate a post to the various aspects of Branson to "Where to stay", "Where to dine", and "What to see"!


This post will have information on "Where to stay"!


Let's face it, there are always places that are "Less and more expensive", but after almost 100 trips to Branson, here's "Who get's my vote"!



The R. I. has location, comfort, value and all backed by a wonderful staff!


The G.M., Neill L. is a "Hands on G.M."!  The staff of his is supportive and very professional.  They will help with tickets to shows, have them delivered to the hotel, and are very dependable to give you the best seats and pricing!  Helped with Johnny Mathis, and other shows, as well as informative on places to dine, on any budget!


Shelia B, "The Assistant G.M., has been great at recommending shows and places to dine!  They have a person, they work with who specializes in shows/seats in Branson!


Angie P. is a fellow "Christmas lover", and really is so helpful to the guests!  She recommended the following place and did we find the Christmas ornaments we were looking for!


Christmas shopping is very popular!  However, being "Old fashioned", here is what greeted me upon check-in, and it was very welcome at Midnight!


When you get your name "Up in Lights", it is wonderful, not just for me, but look at the others on this list!  Thanks Branson, R.I.!

Instead of coming once a year, I have booked TWO times per year!Mo