Anyone call rewards after hours?

Discussion created by rjwoodsy on Nov 17, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2012 by dejamo

It's 9pm and I called the rewards department to confirm that I'd get bonus miles for an upcoming stay that was advertised on the rewards site.  They sent me to the after hours guy which I haven't had any experience with before.


There wasn't a code so I called to confirm that I'd get the points with my stay.  Basically I got an "f you" from the guy.  Not sure why, but I was passed from an initial assistant to him.  I told him the prior person was in the wrong department and didn't know about how to ensure I got the miles and he seemed to take offense to that.  I asked if there was a code I needed to put in to ensure the bonus miles and his response was "did you click on the link provided?"  I said yes but there was no code or mention of the bonus miles on the confirmtaion page.  I told him that and his response was "my answer isn't going to change."  I politely said thanks and ended the call nearly afraid to follow up on my continued confusion.  Anyone else have such a negative experience with the after hours folks?  All my prior calls have been great until this one.  Now I'm left with my initial question unanswered and an unieasiness to call back.  Super bummed about my favorite hotel rewards program.